Change Camp Fund

Thanks to our generous partners – the Hamilton Community Foundation, the City of Hamilton and the McMaster Office of Community Engagement – Change Camp Hamilton has made funds available to Change Camp Theme Teams through the Change Camp Neighbourhood Catalyst Grant. These funds will be available in amounts up to $500 each.

Supporting Change Camp Partnerships

The goal of the Change Camp Neighbourhood Catalyst Grant is to support Change Camp partnership projects that work to address cross-neighbourhood challenges.  Reflecting on this goal, proposals that involve collaborative projects between community and campus partners, working towards mutual benefit and pursuing outcomes aligned with Change Camp’s goals and objectives will be prioritized for funding.

Each application must be developed as a community-campus partnership in collaboration with a theme team that facilitated discussion on September 25. Each application must include:

  • At least one community partner from an organized community group
  • At least, but not limited to, one faculty member, staff member or student from any of the Change Camp partner post-secondary institutions (McMaster University, Mohawk College and/or Redeemer University College). Campus partners must be linked with an existing course, program, or unit.


This fund has been developed to support the following projects:

  • Include more than one Hamilton neighbourhood*
  • Be an existing challenge or priority for the neighbourhoods involved
  • Have tangible opportunities for follow up between January – April 2018
  • Align with at least one of four themes co-identified by community and campus partners**
  • Have potential to link with either college/university courses, student clubs, or volunteer opportunities for community members and students
  • Align with existing projects where appropriate in order to ensure we avoid duplication of time and resources

*Neighbourhoods may include both those within the existing neighbourhood action strategy (NAS) and neighbourhoods that are not a part of the NAS

**Themes of Poverty & Inclusion, Healthy Spaces & Communities, Access & Knowledge Sharing, and Economic Development were co-identified by community and campus partners (including all Change Camp Hamilton partners) within McMaster University’s 2016-2021 Community Engagement Strategic Plan

The deadline to apply is Friday, November 10th, 2017 at 5:00pm. Please email this application to Any work funded by this catalyst must be completed by April 30th, 2018. Grantees will be expected to submit a short project report (5 pages maximum) by May 31st, 2018.

Application Form

Please click here to download the Change Camp Fund application form.

Applications must be submitted to by 5pm on Friday November 10.


The Change Camp Fund is supported through funding from the Hamilton Community Foundation’s Board Leadership Fund, the City of Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Action Strategy, and the McMaster University Office of Community Engagement.