Moving Our Future Hamilton Forward

2016 Action Recommendations

7.0 Moving Our Future Hamilton Forward

This discussion focused on how to move the overall Our Future Hamilton initiative forward. Recommendations relate to identifying measureable outcomes and being proactive at developing resources to support partnerships that can work towards common goals.

  1. Prosperity means that marginalized people are cared for, we reach out to each other, and there is a sense of unity in our community. This “social” element of Economic Prosperity & Growth is missing from Our Future Hamilton.
  2. Institutions should be specific about how they will contribute to and work towards Our Future Hamilton goals.
  3. Signs of success need to be prioritized between 1-5, 5-10 year goals, and 10+ year goals so that there are clear outcomes to measure.
  4. Create open calls for student-community Our Future Hamilton projects that include small catalyst funds to move projects forward.
  5. The City of Hamilton could explore how to provide opportunities for experiential learning or co-op placements, making this an explicit goal for Our Future Hamilton as one way to address goals of student retention through local employment.
  6. Involve senior populations who are part of a growing demographic of people who have money, time, knowledge, and desire to be involved in community initiatives. There should be an explicit strategy on how to do this.
  7. Plan now for lifestyle and demand of 65+ group of residents.

7.1 Make the Vision Accessible

  1. Demystify the process and goals, making it easier for people to get involved.
  2. Develop a communications plan that gives daily reminders through multiple avenues of communication (including a City of Hamilton Facebook page), so that the community is aware of events and opportunities to get involved.
  3. Take advantage of community newspapers could help get the word out.
  4. Tie action and resources to organizations that are active in the area of focus (e.g. housing) so as to build on momentum and projects that already have capacity and partners.
  5. Align with themes that neighbourhoods have prioritized.
  6. Encourage a culture of engagement with youth at a young age, perhaps through a program oriented towards engaging elementary school students.
  7. Create a website that gives details and context on topics so that students and community members can learn about projects and priorities.
  8. Hire Our Future Hamilton ambassadors to work across City departments and partner institutions, organizations, and community groups to align efforts over time.
  9. Create a Hamilton-specific search engine.
  10. Rebrand Hamilton based on Our Future Hamilton priorities and goals.