Indigenous Knowledge

2016 Action Recommendations

8.0 Indigenous Knowledge

A major outcome of the discussion was to invite Indigenous colleagues and students to lead future discussions that can help to educate about Indigenous issues through building stronger relationships that can lead to the action required to change attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge.

8.1 Increase Connections

  1. Invite Indigenous leaders and students to lead discussion and involve Indigenous people in the conversation. It is important to connect with Indigenous communities to listen, hear, and engage in dialogue. Once we listen, we then need to act.
  2. HIVE can be a space for indigenous students to build connections. There are weekly events and Indigenous youth leaders could also join a HIVE board meeting to build connections.
  3. We must acknowledge the tensions and facilitate dialogue to work through the tensions, being honest and open throughout.
  4. Offer a course or art at Evergreen’s space at 294 James St. N.

8.2 Education on Indigenous Issues

  1. Educate on the realities of issues facing Indigenous communities, such as missing and murdered Indigenous women, the Truth and Reconciliation Report, the ongoing impact of residential schools, and the Idle No More movement.
  2. Invite Indigenous partners to festivals to educate communities about these issues.
  3. Learn and use proper terms.
  4. Build connections with Aboriginal Awareness Week.
  5. Build on the Perspectives on Peace lecture series at McMaster and consider a similar series focused on Indigenous Knowledge and Reconciliation.

8.3 Embed Indigenous Knowledge into Curriculum

  1. Build linkages between post-secondary and high school education while incorporating Indigenous knowledge throughout both curricula.
  2. Develop a CityLAB project that responds to Indigenous concerns.
  3. Create advisory positions within student organizations and other campus groups to strengthen connections with Indigenous communities.
  4. Educate faculty staff to understand issues and to speak about them in ways that do not damage.