Healthy and Safe Communities

2016 Action Recommendations

5.0 Healthy and Safe Communities

The major focus of discussion related to building interconnectedness between communities and neighbourhoods to strengthen community ties. Many ideas raised also fit into other categories related to built environment and sustainability.

5.1 Reduce Isolation and Stigma

  1. Provide pathways for people experiencing marginalization who may need connections to find additional supports instead of focusing on specific health outcomes (i.e, stop smoking).
  2. Create more free access to spaces so that people can learn and grow.
  3. Use existing networks to increase awareness of programs available to community members.
  4. Host more fairs to let people know about community programs and services. Consider a public showcase targeted to all Hamiltonians and students.
  5. Increase access to recreation programs by placing them close to where people live.
  6. To help increase access to healthcare, provide transportation subsidies through an affordable transit program that supports to help people to travel to services.
  7. Use community benefit agreements to measure the progress of our efforts and ensure we are making changes that benefit the community.