Economic Prosperity and Growth

2016 Action Recommendations

4.0 Economic Prosperity and Growth

Discussions focused largely on how students can gain a foothold in the local workforce, while also touching on the interconnected opportunities related to training and supports for entrepreneurship.

4.1 Local Job Navigation

  1. Introduce students to employers in the community through multiple networking opportunities and co-op/career events so they are aware of possibilities, types of jobs, and opportunities available. One example would be to create hubs that connect employers and students at the same event (e.g. “looking for someone who can do x” or “looking for someone hiring for x”).
  2. Build relationships with companies investing in Hamilton (e.g. IBM) and explore opportunities for co-op or summer jobs.
  3. Create co-working spaces for manufacturing and industrial applications.
  4. Build more links with graduate programs and students, including presentations and events to support networking with local employers.
  5. Provide access to more professional development opportunities at college and universities.
  6. Host a session on navigating the Hamilton job market at the upcoming HIVEx conference in October 2016.
  7. Build bridges with Faculty Societies when planning networking events so as to reach more students.
  8. Commercialize lifelong learning opportunities.
  9. Develop a strategy with local businesses and organizations to apply for Canada Summer Jobs program funding.
  10. Provide one-year employment opportunities for graduate students (province of Ontario does this).

4.2 Entrepreneurship

  1. Involve more students in start-ups and entrepreneurship.
  2. Incorporate entrepreneurship into all programs, not just commerce, so that young people see that it’s a viable option.
  3. Create more competitions based on community priorities and issues, giving students the opportunity to connect with business and community leaders.
  4. Increase education on entrepreneurship within post-secondary curricula (e.g. Mohawk’s Entrepreneurship Certificate).
  5. Have a competition to find more efficient ways to deliver healthcare using technology.