A Better Community Day

2016 Action Recommendations

9.0 A Better Community Day

This discussion focused specifically on an event coordinated by the Mohawk Students’ Association. Recommendations reflect ideas for improving upon the current event structure through broadening outreach and the scope of the event itself.

9.1 Increase Awareness

  1. Develop a social media strategy for future years.
  2. Include an option for high school volunteers to get involved and build up their volunteer hours.
  3. Build links with students involved in community engagement at the different educational institutions early in the year and align efforts.
  4. Consider how to incorporate credit for students to participate, including connecting with potential capstone course or courses in different institutions.
  5. Incorporate peer to peer mentoring between post-secondary and secondary volunteers.

9.2 Scale Up for Future Years

  1. Look into a multi-day event that is integrated into the school year.
  2. Organize shuttles to pick up students/volunteers at different locations throughout the city.
  3. Talk to neighbourhood planning teams to see what needs are and align opportunities with these needs (e.g. beautiful alleys project).
  4. Host the event in multiple locations.
  5. Focus on achievable goals.
  6. Consider a festival-style approach that includes food and performances.
  7. Partner with other events, organizations, and youth-led initiatives—such as 100in1 Day Hamilton or Open Space.