100in1 Day Hamilton

Action Recommendations

10.0 100in1Day Hamilton

100in1Day Hamilton is part of a global initiative that inspires people to see their city differently, with the goal to inspire change by compelling residents to transform their ideas for change into 100 (or more) innovative, thought provoking urban interventions all on one day. This discussion focused on what people love about Hamilton, what is missing, and what they would do to inspire change through action as part of 100in1Day Hamilton on June 4, 2016. As readers may note, a number of these ideas reflect similar ideas in other areas of the report, though they may be pursued as distinct actions for the June 4 event.

  1. Create a wayfinding project that provides historic information about various areas of Hamilton.
  2. Offer tours of Hamilton neighbourhoods from an international perspective.
  3. Create a project that offers neighbourhood signage in different languages that respond to the languages spoken by newcomer communities.
  4. Build a community chalkboard to share information and ideas.
  5. Create a positive social media campaign about why people love Hamilton using a #WhyILoveHamOnt hashtag.
  6. Host a movie night in a neighbourhood park.
  7. Host a buskerfest in a neighbourhood.
  8. Offer a tour of historic districts in Hamilton.